There are so many fun, bright and fabulous party idea’s, desserts, props and decorations. I just love the backdrop used, which instantly makes you feel like you have stepped into Andy’s room. The use of all the TOY STORY characters displayed through out the table with co ordinating themed desserts is also amazing.

I decorated around the cake, Of course you need to have a TOY STORY THEMED CAKE, and I put MR. & MRS. Potato head on the side I for two elevated shelfs to create dimention on the other side i put Rex, and Buzz and Woody and Jesse . I put Workshop on a Cake Plate with gum coins . Add a assortment of Candy . I Ordered the Blue cloud backdrop off Amazon and the Big Sign That says Quinn is turning 3. I found on pinterest and had it printed. and glued it to cardboard . and I ordered the Cow Print table cloth from JOANN's fabric store.

For food, I got Pizza and Printed many Pizza Planet signs and taped them to the box. & I had several sides such as salads, fruit, etc. and ALIEN JELLO I just bought jello cups and the edible eyes and put 3 eyes on each cup. For the waters I got the printable and you take the other water labels off and tape the new printed labels on.

Added Decorating touches and Gift Bags, Deputy hats . All the kids loved wearing the hats and badges and running around and The gift bags I ordered the printable and glued them to normal gift bags . Stuffed animals add a special touch.

I made Quinns Name Out of Letters I got At Michaels and Painted them, Printed the heads and design and glued them on the letters. It was pretty simple.

Dressing up . I gave all my friends plenty of notice to get a toy story themed outfit if they wanted to. It was a lot of fun and really made it that much more special. Everyone looked pretty adorable. I ordered Quinns specially made shirt with his name and age on it from ETSY.

ENTERTAINMENT and GAMES ; I ordered a BUZZ and WOODY from www.Fiesto.com They played games , did balloons, and a parachute. It was lots of fun. I had a bounce house a bean bag toss, Buzz lightyear operation game, MR and MRS Potato head glue ons, I got buzz masks kids could wear and take home. Quinn had a blast and kids were talking about it for weeks . Hope you enjoy

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