As a mom I'm always looking for a place my little one can run around, have fun and get all that energy out.

Well I'll let you in on my little secret ...........

Free app to earn tokens & other discounts

So, your kids can actually earn tickets to spend at Chuck E. Cheese’s before they even get there! Just download the FREE Chuck E. Cheese Skate Universe app. I downloaded it on my phone an hour before we got there. My kid had earned 360 tickets!  It was really nice because then I didn’t stress out about my kid getting a lot of tickets on the arcade games. I knew we already had a bunch to redeem.

They have a lot of other deals and coupons on the Chuck E. Cheese website, including:

Weekday specialsFree cotton candySpecials for military familiesSensory Sensitive Sundays (for kids with autism and special needs)Pizza and token couponsMuch, much more

Free printables to motivate your kids on Chuck E. Cheese’s Website!

If there is one thing that I know will motivate my kids to do something, it is telling them we will go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. That’s why I LOVE these awesome printables that you can download from their website. There are 24 to choose from! Some of them include:

Homework First CalendarPotty Perfect CalendarTerrific Teeth Calendar100 Days of School CalendarSuper Student AwardTooth Fairy Award

Birthday parties are affordable & stress-free

I would be willing to guess that if you asked one of your kids today, they would say they want to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s for their birthday. It’s like a right of passage as a child. Of course, we weren’t there for a birthday party, but there were about 10 different birthday parties going while we were there!

So I did a little research to see if a birthday party there would burn a hole in my pocketbook. It’s actually pretty affordable. Their least expensive package, called the Star Package, starts at $12.99 per child. It includes:

30 Tokens or Play Points per childTicket Blaster Experience for the Birthday Star2 slices of pizza and free refills per childOne of four birthday themesStar recognition in our Birthday showA dedicated party host to serve your guestsCustomizable email invitations

Improvements :

1.) My most favorite improvement they have made is the


of your child with the invisible number stamp on your arm. Only you and your child have the same number and can leave together. That makes me feel a lot more at ease when I am sitting at the table and he gets out of my sight for a second. Safety is my number one priority.

2.) Healthier food options -

Family night out TO CHUCK E CHEESE was much different back in the 80's and 90's. They only had greedy peperoni pizza but now its a hit at Chuck E. Cheese for all ages. We ordered 2 large pizzas and they were gone in a matter of minutes! There were different specialty pizzas to choose from like, Cali Alfredo, BBQ Chicken, Veggie and Classic Pepperoni. Along with the pizza they also offer an endless salad bar (which looked AMAZING), dessert and snack options. For those who are needing a gluten free option, Chuck E. Cheese now offers this along with a thin & crispy pizza crust. 

Other options included traditional and boneless wings, wraps, cheesy bread, pretzel bites. Or you can stop in and have a family night and try their new dessert offerings include Cinnamon Dessert Pizza, Churros and a giant warm, chocolate chip cookie. (UMMMM YES!! Mouth Watering!)

HERE ARE SOME FUN FACTS regarding Chuck E Cheese and their food!!

In a recent nationwide blind taste test, more than 60 percent of people expressing a preference chose Chuck E. Cheese’s Thin & Crispy pepperoni pizza over Pizza Hut’s® Thin and Crispy pepperoni pizza.This is the second time in a blind taste test, #WeOutPizzaTheHut since the restaurant’s Thin & Crispy pizza rolled out nationwide two years ago.

3.) Kid-friendly Characters

I remember going to ShowBiz pizza when I was a kid and having the robotic animals dance on stage. I remember thinking how odd they looked and honestly, being just a bit freaked out about how abnormal they looked.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has taken this into account as all of their characters are now live costumed characters, and they are totally kid friendly. When Chuck E. and his friends walk around the restaurant, kids are delighted to see them. And it only gets better when the characters get out on the all new light up dance floor with all the kids and really have some fun. Their live shows take place every hour, so your kids will get a chance to dance with their favorite characters at least once while you are there.

4.) No more counting tickets!

No more sitting on the floor counting tickets for which seemed for Now they have a machine that counts for you and makes a cute munchhing noise as you insert them. Then spits out a receipt with how many tickets you had and then you are able to go to the counter and find what you'd like to get .

5.) More Affordable Games and Food -

I think this might be my very favorite improvement from when I was a kid. Chuck E. Cheese’s has now figured out a way to make having fun with your kids more affordable. When you have as many kids as I do, affordable fun is very important.

They have done this with the All You Can Play Experience.

Rather than dealing with the token or play points system, they now have wristbands available for purchase, which is how your kids can have all the fun.

The wristbands are preloaded with the allotted amount of time (it’s just $9 for 30 minutes of all they can play fun!), and these wristbands are super easy for your kids to use. Instead of buying tickets or play points, you are buying time for all the games your kids can play within that allotted time.

This also means no more germy tokens for your kids to keep track of!

There are no restrictions on what games they can choose with the All You Can Play, it truly is whatever games they choose.

Not only that, there are plenty of coupons available at different times online, which makes playing games at Chuck E. Cheese’s even more affordable.

More affordable food package options on the menu

In addition to more affordable games, there are more affordable food options on the menu as well. There are packages that include different types of food combinations, and there are packages that include both games and food.

When things come in packages, they are always more affordable than buying things à la cart.

6.) A section of entertainment for toddlers -

As a mom to kids of varying ages, this is a huge bonus. Chuck E. Cheese’s has really found all the ways to make spending some time there fun and easy for the whole family.

There are two sections of games in the new Portage location. The games for younger kids are more on their level, are more toned down with the lights and sounds, and there aren’t any games with any kind of violence.

7.) More birthday party fun-

There are several birthday packages available, which makes Chuck E. Cheese’s the perfect place to make your special on your special day. They have many tables you can decorate, bring cake ice cream, and balloons. it is clear to see that they go above and beyond to make the day something amazing for kids and parents. There are several packages to choose from and even the chuck e cheese character will come over and sing .

8.) Updated booths

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but I can tell you that it kind of is. The booths are more comfortable and fit kids of varying sizes and adults more easily. Many of the booths even include USB ports to charge your phone.

I don’t know about you, but when I go somewhere I always seem to forget to charge my phone before I leave. Then I have no ability to take pictures to remember the fun we all had. Chuck E. Cheese’s has solved this problem with their updated booths.

With a power outlet and a USB port right at the booth, I can also sit and work on my laptop while my kids are having fun all around me.

9.) Fresh and Clean Look - Lighting & New Logo -

Chuck E. Cheese's exterior is also getting a facelift, ditching the purple-and-red awnings and checkerboard paneling as well as the iconic logo of its mouse mascot Chuck E.

The new design features softer colors, more refined signage and an updated logo. Leverton called the new green entrance a "beacon" for customers. The side of the building has wooden paneling with round cutouts that are meant to be reminiscent of pepperoni or the holes in cheese, the company said.

10.) Warm and muted

Inside, CEC Entertainment has removed the teal and red booths and tables from the dining room and incorporated more muted tones into the furniture and decor.

"We wanted to use warm woods, neutral tones and really for moms and dads create an environment that competes with other restaurant choices that they have during the week," Leverton said.

Modern dance floor

Say goodbye to Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic stage show. In these new locations, the company has removed the robotic band and installed a centralized dance floor.

This is the new destination for mascot Chuck E. to make his live appearance every hour.

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