1. Create an invite list.

Your invite list will determine your budget. It will dictate the size of your venue, the party theme, as well as activities. Never plan a party without first determining your guest list. So, who are your guests? Traditionally, parents invite the whole class. However, once the kid turns 7, they usually start selecting a few friends to invite.

2. Get creative ideas.

To gather creatives ideas for your party theme, you can go to a lot of places for inspiration such as Pinterest. You can search for DIY party decorations to cut your party expenses. When your kids turn 3, they will also start giving you inputs about what they like. Kids love the idea of playing with inflatables like bounce house. If party ideas become too overwhelming, you can go with party planners.

Plan the program and activities.

3. Plan how the party should go.

List down the games and activities that you want in the program. Remember that throwing a kid’s party doesn’t mean filling the entire program with just games. Keep the activities and games in moderation. Preparing five to seven games is already enough. You may prepare two more games for backup. Also, prepare some games where the parents can also participate. It’s one way of building parent-child teamwork. Ensure that everyone will enjoy the party.

4. Communicate.

When you book a party entertainer or party venue, make sure to discuss the details of the party to avoid unpleasant surprises. Know their facilities and rules in using them. Discuss how you want the party to run. Communicating with your suppliers will help the party to run smoothly.

5. Don't prepare too much food.

There are always plenty of leftover food at kids' parties. Kids don't really eat much during the event. All they think about is the fun. Also, parents don’t eat a lot, so don't prepare too much food.

6. Go with non-traditional party favors.

Go for one high-quality party favors that kids can use such as educational supplies including books, stickers, art kits, notepads and puzzles. You can also let the kids make their own party favors using arts and crafts projects. They can serve as both a take-home gift and activity. Be sure the giveaways you choose are appropriate and safe for kids. For more creative containers, you can use small baskets, Chinese-food takeout cartons, or paper bags tied with ribbon on top.

7. Thank-you notes.

While sending out your invitations through email is already common these days, your guests will still appreciate a good old-fashioned thank-you note. Your thank you note can be a handwritten note, a scribble, or a picture. If you don’t like the idea of more wasted card that will just end up being thrown, then just send a customized thank you email.

It’s best to plan out your kid’s party in advance especially if you are a working parent to avoid stress. Although it’s normal to get a little stress when you're planning a kid’s party, remember to still have fun and relax. Aftera all, it is a par

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