Kidspace is a great place for children ages 10 and under. Located in Pasadena, California. We had so much fun, They have over 40 exhibits and so many more activities.

It was way bigger then I expected. This is the storyteller studio where they do story time and the Ant hole was so fun for the kids learning about insects and playing in the ant hole . My son and his friends were pretending they were ants 🐜 all day .

The raindrop climber reaches more then forty feet high.

I couldn't stop laughing at the kids playing dress up and dancing around on the little stage with capes and a microphone 🎤 It was really cute. The vegetable garden, the indoor snakes 🐍, bees 🐝were also a hit.

We spent about a hour in the imagination workshop making crafts and being creative .

It was a really hot day when we came, so we loved that they had indoor and outdoor activities. We enjoyed the water play, tricycling, and the fun water pond. Parents bring extra clothes to change into. My son and his friends got so muddy but they had a lot of fun. My son was loving jamming out with music instruments outside & the rock climbing wall.

There is a "Physics Forest" for older kids and parents. Here families can try out different science-based activities including a bottle rocket, giant foam blocks, pulley chairs. And my sons favorite I-Play Zone!

There’s a large gift shop with many gifts to choose from. A mama pumping station which I thought was really cool and accommodating . After all the fun we sat and ate at the cafe “bean sprouts” which had many reasonable prices things. I am definitely going to come back.

They offer great summer camps and you get discounts with membership. $14 a person over 1yrs old . #Kidspace40

480 N Arroyo Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91103

United States

Hours :

Sunday. 10am to 5pm

Monday . Closed

Tues-Fri. 9:30am to 5pm

Saturday . 10am to 5pm

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