One of my New Years Resolutions is to take better care of my skin. Being in Utah for the holidays is really taking a toll. I already have dry skin and my crows feet is driving me nuts. So I started looking into good products and @herauxskin Serum is something I didn’t even know I needed!

For Starters, This serum targets the effect of stressed skin with a patented molecular technology, HX-1 ingredient; Protecting skin stem cells from negative stressors. I hope you try it and love it like I have. #ad

Your Anti-Inflammaging Hero


Aging caused by our body's response to external and internal stressors, such as UV exposure and cellular damage


Inflammaging increases cellular toxicity and stress factors circulating in our bodies, exhausting stem cells and resulting in visible signs of aging

Heraux’s patented technology targets the primary cause of inflammaging to reduce its effects and stop the cycle

My 10 new year’s resolutions for dry or mature skin:

1. Avoid harsh cleansers.

2. Shun hot water.

3. Get a humidifier.

4. Make friends with fatty acids.

5. Don't Just Moisturize — Hydrate.

6. Find a moisturizer that does more.

7. Exfoliate regularly.

8. Mask more often.

9. Helping my skin.- use @herauxskin 🧴 I’m committed to finding and using a serum that will help my skin look more revived.

10. Protect. - use face sunscreen

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