This is a great place for Adults and Kids to have fun for hours

We spent the whole evening at Dave and Busters some call it D&B Restaurant/ Arcade. located at Hollywood and Highland. It is on the 3rd floor of the complex that’s filled with other stores and entertainment. Upon arriving there we seem there was a free Summer Jazz nights concert going on which we stopped at for a few minutes . It’s right on Hollywood Blvd so there’s plenty to stop and see .

• Happy Hour: Sun-Fri. Half off All cocktails, beer, wine.

• 1/2 Price Games Wednesday: All games are 1/2 half priced (All Day)

• Unlimited Thursday’s : Unlimited wings and Games for just $21.99 (All Day)

Upon arriving we decided to play games for a little but then eat. The kids were too excited so we played games for about a half hour then sat down. I ordered appetizers and I got the steak salad which was really good I loved the walnuts and quality of steak . My friend got chili cheese fries and wow they were tasty, My friends dad got the philly cheese steak he said it was excellent. The kids got mini hot dogs and sliders which was perfect for them I was impressed with the unique food options.

Our kids were really excited about trying the Glow Kones. There are lots of creative cocktails including Glow Kones for adults too.

For dessert we tired the BrookiE sundae tower. (‘Brookie,’ a fun mix of two favorites – a giant chocolate brownie & chocolate chip cookie made with ghirardelli® chocolate chips, baked into one warm & gooey delicious package – topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate & caramel sauces.) It was exceptional . I was also very impressed with the service we got.

There are over 150 of the latest & greatest games including Ghostbusters, Star Wars Battle Pod and Zombie Snatcher. Dave & Buster’s has several games that are exclusive to them.

A green light around the card reader on a game means that it is a ticket game and a blue light is a regular game.

My son had a blast playing games for hours the time went by so fast they literally have so many games it’s insane. Also we played the giant stuffed animal claw and won a big Sesame Street pillow. So my son was over the moon excited and happy to say the least. After we were done with everything we got prizes, both our kids got claw grabbers which they spent all night claw grabbing each other . lol

The prizes were way better then other arcades we’ve been to.

The best part was me and my mom friends probably had just as much fun as the kids did. Don’t forget to validate your parking 😀

Thanks again to Dave & Buster’s for hosting our visit ! All opinions are my own.

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