There are so many fun, ideas for this theme .

There’s so many bright idea’s, desserts, props and decorations. I went with red yellow green blue . I just love the backdrop I used, backdrops make a big difference. I got two, one for behind the cake and one for pictures . I bought it on amazon $16. A company that has a lot on Amazon is called Fanghui.

The use of all the Avengers figurines displayed through out the table with themed desserts .

The cake came out awesome its from Sugar Babies in Sherman oaks www.sbbakeshop.com

I added a assortment of Candy including tnt labels around the liquorish which you can find labels to print off Etsy. I made the cupcakes and cookies. I also printed some labels that say pow bam pop etc . & taped it to wood kebab stIckes and put in the candy dishes .


I ordered a Iron Man and Captain America from


oh my gosh I can not tell you how much this made the party . The kids absolutely loved it . They played games with them for a full hour and even gave Quinn a Id. card & all the kids got avengers certificates. This company goes above and beyond to entertain and the quality of their outfits were fantastic . They took pictures an then sang happy birthday. It was lots of fun.

I also got a massage company to come and do massages for the parents, which the moms loved. The company I always use is www.Royaltreatmentwellness.com

- Antone is amazing and so professional.

Food, I kept it very simple I got Pinwheel wraps , pizza , salad , fruit , chips and pre made Mac n cheese from Costco .

Added Decorating touches : gift bags are a must at every kid party. These are 24 for $24.00 on amazon

Superhero Party Supplies Favors, 24PC Superhero Party Bags For Superhero Theme Birthday Party Decorations with 24 Superhero Stickers https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S5876MW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LoDqDbTSYGEAA

I get the fillers from www.Partycity.com

Dressing up . I gave all my friends plenty of notice to get a avengers themed shirt, if they wanted to. It was a lot of fun and really made it that much more special. Everyone looked pretty adorable.

Hope that helps ! Have a great party 🎈

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