Really simple to do


White, Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Pink Paper

Green, Pink, Black , White Marker



black whiskers


1. To get started, get all your pieces ready. You can make your own pretty easily. Cut the shape of the Kitties head you can do different colors, the yellow eyes, pink nose, or black nose.

2. Once you have your pieces ready, Let the kids Glue the eyes on the head, Glue on the nose on, and the adult draw the mouth and dots, then put glue where the whiskers get glued on, 3 on each side. Let the kids put the black wire whiskers on the glue .

3. I drew on the tiger stripes, the eyes with green and black pupal, the white on the nose, and drew the ears, colored pink for inside the ears and black hair . You can change it to make it your own.

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