Even though we are definitely not a screen free family I try my hardest to do enough activities so that he isn’t sitting in front of the TV all day.

All of these activities are virtually free. There area few that require materials, but most people probably have them around the house.

~Go for a nature walk

~Have a tea party

~Play hide and seek

~Have a dance party

~Go on a picnic

~Blow bubbles

~Go to the park

~Build a fort

~Draw with chalk

~Have a movie day

~Plant flowers

~Read books

~Color or draw pictures

~Play in the sprinkler

~Go to the library

~Make popsicles

~Play with play doh


~Play tag

~Fly a kite

~Play dress up


~Go bug catching

~Play hide and go seek

~Build with blocks

~Play catch

~Play in the sandbox

~Dig in the dirt

~Pick flowers

~Go on a treasure hunt

~Make your own instruments

~Play with puzzles

~Sing songs

~Play Simon says

~Play with stickers

~Bake cookies

~Play house

~Make macaroni jewelry

~Play in the rain

~Create a sensory bin

~Play with stamps

~Play with water balloons

~Make lemonade

~Go on a wagon ride

~Camp in the backyard

~Catch fireflies

~Do a mommy makeover

~Paint nails

~Watch birds

~Put on a puppet show

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